Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Pine Run Petersen Farm

The Pine Run Petersen Farm - South Side
On a very nice day I traveled up Pine Run Road past the Pine Run Church. This farm caught my eye. I pulled off the road as far as I could. I was setting up my camera when a couple of people came out of their home asking what I was doing. I explained to them that I loved their farm. I took pictures of them. They seem interested that I liked their barn.

I was able to get some information from Katie and David Petersen. They purchased the farm four years ago from the Ulmer estate. They have since used the farm for raising organic crops including organic goats milk and cheese (as I remember). I gave them this website's URL so they could see their farm photos. 

Katie told me that the other side of the barn is a much better side, so below is the north side of the barn. Great people, great farm. All the best in your organic ventures Katie and David.

The Pine Run Petersen Farm - North Side