Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Corn Crib in Haneyville, PA

This corn crib was moved from Waterville, PA to Haneyville, PA by Paul Aspen
I traveled up to Haneyville and came across a little access road. It was Aspen Drive or maybe Aspen Road. So I  turned and ventured up the road to the edge of a big patch of woods. I saw this beautiful Corn Crib and had to pull over and take a picture of it. As I am setting up for the shot, a car stopped with a sweet little old lady behind the wheel.

She rolled the window down and I went over to her front door. I ask her if this was private property and she said it was. Apologizing for being on her private road, I asked if she minded that I take a picture of this beautiful Corn Crib. She said she “guessed” it would be ok. Then she proceeded to tell me all about it. Paul Aspen, her husband brought this crib up from Waterville, PA where he used to live. It was his treasure. “Before he died, he put a new roof on it,” she exclaimed. Carol proceeded to tell me that since her husband died, she looks at this corner of her lot when she gets the mail. She drives down the long road from her house each day. She said “The Corn Crib  brings back so many pleasant memories of her wonderful husband.”

Then Carol told me to drive up the long hill to her house which overlooked the Coudersport Pike. There is a pond there that my husband built she said and she wanted me to see it. “You are welcome to take a look at it” She also talked about the glorious pump house on the property that a big tree fell on. It was so beautiful, but got crushed by the tree when it was hit with lightning. Carol was suck a lovely person. That day reminded me if the nice part of getting out and taking photos. The bonus is when you meet such nice people who have wonderful stories and memories. More and more my photography is about this glorious earth we live on for such a short time. Loving it and the people around you gives each of us memories for an eternity!