Friday, March 3, 2017

Photos in North Central PA - Large Scale Train Trinket

Large Scale Train Trinket (Mifflinburg, PA)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

North Central PA Barns - Mifflinburg

Mifflinburg Barn

North Central PA - Along a stream in Antes Fort

Along a stream in Antes Fort

Barns in North Central PA - Farming land in Antes Fort

Farming land in Antes Fort

Barns in North Central PA - Stone walled barn in Oval

Stone walled barn in Oval

Monday, July 11, 2016

Cogan House - Buckhorn Covered Bridge

Buckhorn Covered Bridge
Cogan House (also known as Buckhorn bridge) is located in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, off Pa 184 west of Campbell Road, Route. 784, look for a street sign that reads "To Covered bridge". Follow the road for 1.3 miles . This bridge was built in 1877 of the Burr Arch design with a structure length of 190 feet crossing Larry's Creek. Cogan House bridge is in outstanding condition and open to traffic as of 2000, and leads to a dead end private drive near the game lands. All three of Lycoming County covered bridges are taken care of by the Lycoming County Commissioners.

Marshalek's Fruit Farm Area Barns

An old hog barn that has seen it's better years.
Talking to the owner of this beautiful plot of land, this hog barn and the regular barn are three generations old. The barn below was hit by a tornado about one year ago. A new roof was added since the original roof was destroyed.

Old roof was destroyed by a tornado one year ago.
The owner of this land was a lovely lady who got her mail in a golf cart. She could not have been more cordial to me. Thank you for making my day. Sorry I never got your name.